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Trail Blazers Climbing Program - Outdoor Rock Segment

Free Purchase required to enroll

This segment is for the 2-day outdoor rock climbing component of the BKBTrailBlazers Camp.

These two days will consist of outdoor rock climbing with the campers and staff of the week you are enrolled.
Alpine Endeavors will provide a certified guide(s) to work with each group allowing the participants to move at their own pace. The guide(s) will choose climbs of varying abilities that provide a great learning opportunity for the needed skills and techniques, as well as a those that provide a challenge. A typical day meets at 11am and ends around 4pm.

All of the technical equipment needed will be provided - helmet, harness, rock shoes, rope, etc..
Participants will need to bring personal items and lunch.

Please be sure to enroll your child in the dates below that fit within the week they are attending.

Please note that Alpine Endeavors will only be providing the outdoor rock climbing segment of this trip. All other parts including the arrival and departure to the climbing locations each day and all activities that happen before and/or after will be under the supervision of Trail Blazers.
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