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AMGA SPI Assessment

$395 Purchase required to enroll

AMGA SPI Assessments

The SPI Assessment is two days in length (minimum of 16 hours assessment time) and will take place at a single pitch climbing area where there are a selection traditional lead routes in the 5.6 range and top roping routes in the 5.8 range. The assessment will examine all aspects of institutional single pitch climbing that the Single Pitch Instructor may encounter. Day one will look at climbing movement and all aspects of technical systems from anchoring to assistance skills and general climbing competence. On day two the examiner may arrange for volunteer novice clients (non-paying) for the candidates to instruct in a group setting. This is not required but is a great benefit to the assessment process as the examiner can see candidates interact with real novice climbers and the examinees do not have to ‘pretend’ to teach novice climbers who are actually other examinees on the assessment.

The examiners job is to bring out the best in the candidate, and give the candidate a comfortable and stress-free assessment. The candidate must show the examiner they have the technical and instructional skills to pass the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Assessment. The SPI Assessment is broken down into four distinct evaluation sessions: climbing movement, technical skills, teaching ability and group management skills and candidates are evaluated by the AMGA marking system

Rates include AMGA processing fee, and day passes

Dates are chosen to avoid weekends at busy times to allow the best possible routes for the program. Weekdays are less crowded which gives you more time on the best routes.

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