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Wilderness First Aid and WFR-recert

$215 Purchase required to enroll
Wilderness First Aid/WFR Recert*

Accidents can and do happen on ropes courses, along country roads, or in the backcountry, and all too often members of a group are not capable of dealing with the emergency. Not only does this lead to improper care of the patient, but it also endangers the entire group.

Studies have shown that many recreational accidents are preventable, and that improper care of trauma can compound even the simplest of injuries. Through our involvement in emergency medicine and rescue efforts, we at SOLO feel there is a need for training for all outdoors people - training which stresses preparedness and prevention; training which encompasses all phases of off-road emergencies; training which focuses on extended care issues in prolonged transport situations. Very few first aid programs actually address the issues of providing emergency care in a rural, wilderness, or extended care setting.

This is SOLO's twenty-seventh year offering its workshops in Wilderness First Aid. Designed specifically for groups and their leaders, this 16-hour program covers topics ranging from preparation and prevention to assessment and treatment. All SOLO instructors are experienced rescue personnel with extensive outdoor experience and have been selected not only for their expertise in emergency medicine and rescue, but also for their teaching skills.

Classroom lectures and discussions are supplemented by practical work and problem-solving exercises. The emphasis is always on hands-on experience. Scenarios are an important part of this training.

Day 1:

• Patient Assessment System
• Shock
• Long-Term Patient Care
• Soft Tissue Injuries

first aid trainingfirst aid training

Day 2:

• Environmental Emergencies
• Fractures/Dislocations
• Splint Improvisation
• Preparedness

first aid trainingfirst aid training

While much of the material appears to be standard emergency care information, the backcountry emphasis with long-term care and evacuation complications makes this course unique. Course material can be somewhat modified to meet the specific needs of a group, i.e. cycling, kayaking, climbing, etc. Since the principles of first aid are taught, this program is really applicable to any emergency situation.

* There is a separate test and additional fee for the WFR Recert. Please let us know in advance if you are recertifying your WFR.

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