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Red Rocks, NV - Private - five days

$2,395 Purchase required to enroll
Join us for 5 days of climbing in Red Rocks, NV

Eagle Dance, 5.10
(photo M.Molitoris)

Red Rocks is located in Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area, just minutes outside of Las Vegas, NV. Red Rocks offers over a thousand single and multi-pitch for climbers of all abilities. Climbing ranges from sport-climbing to long, traditional-climbing on routes involving cracks, flakes, and varnished edges. The routes range from easily approached climbs at single-pitched crags, to multi-pitch routes with lengths up to Grade IV (those requiring all day or possibly an overnight for a slower party), and provide you with many different types of adventure.

We operate in Red Rocks through a special permit that allows us 2, five-day visits each year. We normally offer one trip in the spring - usually in April, and the other trip we offer in the fall - usually in November or December; allowing you to extend your climbing season when many other areas get too cold.

Red Rocks offers many great routes, and we offer a low climber-to-guide ratio to allow our guests the opportunity to climb as many routes as they can. Some of the classics you may climb with us out there are:

• Black Orpheus
• Cat in the Hat
• Cat Walk
• Crimson Chrysalis
• Dark Shadows
• Dream of Wild Turkeys
• Epinephrine
• Eagle Dance

• Frogland
• Frigid Air Buttress
• Johnny Vegas
• Jubilant Song
• Prince of Darkness
• Solar Slabs
• Tunnel Vision
• and many, many more

This is for a private (1:1), five day outing, consisting of: 2 regular days (up to grade III), 2 long days (grade III and possibly up to grade IV), and one half day (grades I-II).

Rates include:
Permit and day passes
Ground Transportation

Not covered:
Personal climbing equipment
Any early departure fees and/or hotel accommodations for you or the guide
Any additional expenses for you and the guide for any changes

*Rates listed are for a private (1:1), five day outing, consisting of: 2 regular days (up to grade III), 2 long days (grade III and possibly up to grade IV), and one half day (grades I-II).

Cancellation policy
  • Deposits or payments for special courses, trips to other locations (other than the Shawangunks or Catskills), and payments for gift certificates or our Frequent Climber Card are non-refundable. For all of our away trips, we highly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance.

The weather changes daily - please contact us the evening before your scheduled day if you have concerns about the weather.

*Weather cancellations are up to the guide to decide, not the registrant.

  • If we experience bad weather locally in the Shawangunk, Catskills, the day will be pro-rated to full (four or more hours) or half-day (up to four hours) rates. Bad weather is always a possibility in the mountains, so there is no rescheduling or refunds for remote or multi-day trips when we are out there in the field.
  • Although we can plan to climb a specific route or peak, no guarantees are made (in the mountains, anything can happen). Our purpose is to use our judgment and experience to share with you a rewarding experience, both up and down. If an unsafe situation arises, the guide makes the final decision and may turn around. There will be no refunds or rescheduling. However, if time allows, while we are on the trip another attempt may be arranged.

For more information please visit:

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