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Big Wall Skills

$205 per appointmentA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

Big Walls focus on two key skills: aiding a traditional climb (how you get the rope up) and ascending the lead line (how you clean it). With those two skills, climbers can expand their range of accessible goals and set out on climbs they wouldn't normally try free climbing. They will open up new adventures on longer climbs and steeper walls.

Participants will aid a trad climb and ascend using both steep and low-angle methods. Various aid tools and techniques will be discussed, along with options and gear for rope positioning.

Required gear: harness, helmet, stiff soled approach shoes or boots
Recommended gear: 6-8 locking carabiners, 2 x fifi hooks, two etriers (aid ladders), two ascenders, two daisy chains, gri-gri, traditional gear rack (cams and stoppers), slings and carabiners

This is based on a minimum of two participants. Rates are per person.
Morning Afternoon Evening
Mar 08 Monday 3 Times Available 0 0
Mar 09 Tuesday 3 Times Available 0 0
Mar 10 Wednesday 3 Times Available 0 0
Mar 11 Thursday 3 Times Available 0 0
Mar 12 Friday 3 Times Available 0 0
Mar 13 Saturday 4 Times Available 0 0
Mar 14 Sunday 3 Times Available 0 0